The changing role of developers in Mobile App Development

Mobile and advance technology has managed to keep the world and population connected for many yers and whether we talk about pagers to the smartphone, everything just keeps on getting better. Nowadays, the companies are forced to get out of their comfort zone and plunge to create a more connecting and personal space for their beloved customers through mobile apps. In fact, most of the marketers have placed mobile technology on the top of their marketing campaigns and initiative, given that it outperforms other devices when it comes to search and use.


The rise of the mobile application is apparent and they have just made life easier and companies more accessible for the customers. For what earlier was like impossible can be done while lying in bed and within palm reach. Mobile apps are hit and according to certain researched and data related to the behavioral pattern of the mobile usage, iOS and Android are the highest and popularly used platforms.

The data also included some interesting aspects too:

Mostly people use the application during late afternoon or early evening hours whereas the advertisements within the app are usually clicked during the morning hours!

The most common time for users to spend time on mobile is on weekends whereas almost half of their time is dedicated to downloading and use particular mobile application.

Mobile App Development Toronto also confirmed that Android and iPhone mobiles are the most popular and get the highest market shares. This has led to a demand for skilled and creative Mobile App Development Company Toronto and Digital Marketing Company Toronto to create apps that help to climb the ladders of success for any business.

Mobile app usage is projected to grow in upcoming times and it will soon be one of the most used channels of shopping and searching.

Throughout these steps, developers have greatly managed to change their attitude and skills accordingly for mobile development. Developers that are excellent in app development have progressed by leaps and bounds because of their competency and achievement mastery on multiple platforms. Most of the Mobile App Development Company Toronto are focused on software development and digital marketing due to lucrative prospects.

These solutions providers have always strived to learn the new technologies and use the new tools that help them to roll out similar nature applications on different platforms simultaneously. There are so many mobile app platforms but only a few of them are a success. Usually, the smartphone buyers are not aware of the pros and cons of each of these mobile platforms and hence, only those that are a popular win. iOS and Android are at the top of the ladder while the erstwhile leader Symbian and the corporate-chosen Blackberry follow suit.

The digital marketing companies Toronto and app developers have even resorted to template based designing for their customer’s needs and wants. However, to meet the standards of designing and needs, they always try customized designing and urge the clients to opt for the same.

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